Children ages 3-18 may enroll in our group classes throughout the calendar year and also week-long workshops during school vacation and summer break. We believe that each stage of training is essential to a dancer’s development, but it is never too late to start!


Chinese Classical and Folk Dance

Angel Performing Arts is proud to pass on the heritage of Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance to our students. The strength, flexibility and grace of Chinese classical dance alongside the power, passion and expression of Chinese folk dance help to connect students to cultural backgrounds and embody these stories in their movement. Our talented faculty come from renowned institutions across China including the Beijing Dance Academy, Shanghai Dance Academy and Jiangsu Arts Academy. Our instructors and choreographers are highly-experienced professional performers who are dedicated to sharing this art form’s technique and legacy with students and audiences.



The Ballet curriculum is rooted in the fundamentals of body alignment, posture, poise, strength and flexibility that ballet training offers to all students of dance. Courses provide a solid base of movement vocabulary, class structure and presence that we hope our students carry through not only their journeys in dance, but through their everyday lives. Our ballet faculty hail from diverse backgrounds, hold certificates in Vaganova Method and ABT National Training Curriculum, and have many years of professional performing and instructional experience. Each instructor offers technical training that will allow any student to be well-rounded in the realm of ballet and the greater world of dance and movement.



Our Jazz program offers an outlet of expression through music, rhythm and artistry. Drawing from the styles of jazz greats Luigi, Giordano, Fosse and more, we aim to share with students the historic roots of jazz dance as well as its development throughout history. The importance of groundedness through plie, adaptability to stylistic movement and technique, and embrace of expression through performance are the heart of our curriculum. Our jazz faculty hold certification in Giordano Technique and as well as professional training under Fosse veteran Diane Laurenson. We hope to instill a love of dance and expression in our students that they will carry through their lives both inside and outside of the classroom.



Angel Performing Arts offers a unique compilation of experiences across our many faculty through our Modern/Contemporary classes. We are happy to share a variety of influences from Graham, Horton, post-modern, Chinese contemporary dance, lyrical jazz and compositional training. Movement vocabulary focuses on fluidity, musicality, breath and physicality. Our classes provide an environment where are students may apply the skills they have learned through all of their training to find their own voice and movement signature.


Conditioning & Technique

These training classes provide fundamental training for all students. Students focus on improving alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance required for all dance forms. These courses allows dancers to further develop their technical skills (posture, leaps, turns, acrobatics) so that they may enhance their movement quality and mastery of choreography in stylized classes.


Adult Classes

At Angel Performing Arts, we believe it is never too late to start dancing! We offer adult classes for a variety of levels and with focuses on Fitness, Chinese Classical & Folk Dance, Ballet, Jazz and Modern/Contemporary