Ms. Ke Ke is the founder, lead choreographer, and principal instructor at Angel Performing Arts, Inc. (Angel Dance) and Angel Dance Company (ADC). Ms. Ke Ke’s dance career began at age 6 in Beijing, China. In 1998, she joined the Beijing Dance Academy and quickly became a well-recognized figure in the Chinese national dance circuit and was acclaimed for her roles in several national dance productions. While maintaining an active dancing schedule, Ms. Ke Ke also taught at Central China Television (CCTV) station, where she developed a reputation as the dance instructor for some of China’s best-known film and TV actors. Ms. Ke Ke’s successful career brought her to the United States in 2001. She first taught for several dance companies in greater Chicago. In late 2001, she formed Angel Performing Arts in order to deliver traditional and authentic Chinese dance program as performing arts. In 2004, Ms. Ke Ke and Angel Dance relocated to Boston. Ms. Ke Ke and Angel Dance have been well-recognized ever since as the leading choreographer and most established Chinese dance school, respectively, throughout New England. She has choreographed and directed more than sixty outstanding dance performances and routines, including “In the Depth of Bamboos”, “Plum in Snow”, “Lily in the Wind” and “Dancing Youth”. With a firm belief and vision to integrate the traditional Chinese dance into mainstream dances in the US, Ms. Ke Ke has reached out and cultivated extensive relationships with her American counterparts and has been widely recognized in her profession and acclaimed by the dance communities in the region.

Tian Wang

Choreographer and Teacher

Miss Tian (Cherry) Wang is a choreographer and teacher with over five years of professional performance and teaching experience. Cherry graduated with a degree in Chinese Dance from Jiangsu Artist Academy. Her staging of Picking Tea won second place in Shenzhen Children Flowering Arts Dance Competition. In the three years she has been in the US, Wang has acted as choreographer and instructor for numerous dance companies and arts academies, with many years of teaching experience with both Eastern and Western methods. In recent years, Wang has dedicated her time to training many talented students, staged hundreds of works and coached students of all ages that have earned top prizes in American dance competitions!

Hannah Wang

Choreographer and Teacher

2019 graduate from Lesley University with Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health counseling, specialized in Dance/Movement Therapy
2015 Cultural exchange with a focus on dance at the University of Kentucky
2014 graduated from Inner Mongolia University with Bachelor of Arts, major in Folk Dance

Xueqing Wang

Choreographer and Teacher

Miss Xueqing Wang has over five years of professional performance and teaching experience. Originally from Beijing, she has performed in America, England and Greece as international guest and received high reviews. XueQing has performed the pieces Luofu’s Spring Stroll, Dream of Spring Chamber, and Zanha and won many awards. In addition to her skills in Chinese classical and folk dance, she has staged and performed jazz and cheerleading routines and travels to Florida every year for national competition!

Rick Li

Choreographer and Teacher


Rick老师拥有近十年丰富的舞蹈教学经验 。老师为人和蔼可亲,教学严格严谨,并有东西方舞蹈表演及教学经验,深受学生及家长们的认可和好评!

Cayla 老师

天使特聘长期芭蕾教师,24 岁,身高171 CM, 职业芭蕾舞演员,教员。现任天使特聘芭蕾教师。舞台表演和授课经验丰富,很受孩子们喜爱。

City Ballet of Boston — Guest Artist The Urban Nutcracker 主要演员

Brooklyn Ballet — Guest Artist The Nutcracker 主角

Seven Star School of Performing Arts — Dance Teacher

Instructed students from ages 3-18
Work 1:1 with students to better their solo work & technique

Academy of Dance Arts — Dance Teacher
Worked 1:1 with students to better their dance knowledge and technique