“Dance teaches me teamwork, self expression, and perseverance. It is a difficult road to beautiful destinations. I am thankful for being in this journey with my Angel Dance family.”


“Angel provides a wonderful environment to learn Chinese dance as well as other styles such as ballet and jazz. The teachers are amazing and dedicate themselves to helping you become a better dancer.”


“I’ve been a student and performer of Angel Dance ever since I was 4 years old and it has changed me as a person growing up in this dynamic and inspiring community. Angel Dance has always been a place where I can express my emotions through my movement and tell a story with my body gestures. ”


“I love dancing because it gives me a new form of artistic expression. Being able to express through my body, brings me joy. And enjoying myself while doing it is the best part.”


“Dance is my sole constant, it has simply become a part of me. Now and always, I will treasure it.”


“When I dance, I feel like I’m both carrying the rich history of China in my movement and tapping into a deeply personal, spiritual sense of myself.”


“5 years of dancing experience has taught me that even when thing are hard I should never give up. I want to thank all of the teachers for helping and supporting me all the way to becoming a beautiful dancer. Thank you, Angel Dance!”




“Dance is a mode of creative expression that allows me to convey meaningful stories. I fall in love with every dance that I perform, even through the hours of grueling practice, because I know that it is these persistent efforts that ultimately lead to success. ”


“I love all my teachers and classmates, who have made class really fun and have helped me do well during competitions and performances. ”