The ballet curriculum at Angel Dance has been comprehensively designed by highly experienced ballet artists and instructors spanning generations. This program emphasizes the curriculums used at the Beijing Dance Academy as well as the Vaganova Ballet Academy to instill a solid foundation for our students.

The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each of these levels is specifically designed based on students’ age and length of training, and so the standards and requirements for each level are also fitting to each level. Before moving on to the next level, students must complete a full year of study (1-2 classes per week). Skipping levels is prohibited.

Each level of study has different areas of focus. Coursework is designed to fluidly transition from one level of proficiency to the next.

Ballet for Young Children (Age 4-5) 

Designed for children age 4-5 years without previous physical training. Through engaging exercises and an enjoyable classroom environment, students form a basic understanding of the ballet art form. By engaging with different types of sound and music, students will develop coordination, patience, creativity, self expression and sense of rhythm.

Beginner Levels 1 & 2 (Age 6-10) 

These levels set the foundation of ballet training. Coursework emphasizes basic technical training including positions of the hands and feet, directions and all basic elements of ballet movements through study of combinations. Students will become familiar with ballet terminology and the defining points of ballet technique. Material will cultivate students’ coordination, accuracy in execution, ability to control movement, understanding and expression of different styles of music. At the same time, students will learn how to display confidence in their movement and how to communicate through self expression. Movement and music is designed to fit students’ needs and engage in the classroom.

Intermediate Levels 3 & 4 (Age 7-12)

By completing the first four courses of study, students should have a strong foundation of technique to advance on to high level training. Intermediate level coursework will train through higher-difficulty combinations and requires students to accurately use vocabulary to express movement. Students should be able to display differences in movement and music in their dancing, as well as heighten their sense of space and ability to perform.

Advanced Levels 5 & 6 (Age 8-13), 7 & 8 (Age 9-14) 

Advanced level coursework is designed for students with a professional-level mindset to training, with a strong technical foundation and ability to execute. Students aim to study at a professional level by increasing the frequency and intensity of training. Advanced courses require students to have a thorough understanding and ability to show all previous training in technique. Combinations are longer and more complicated. In addition to the ability to show the fluidity and transitions between movements and correct use of space, students should also be able to express narratives and emotions through music. Another goal of this program is to bring students closer to the utmost professional level of study.

  • The ballet curriculum at Angel Dance is designed with students interests and abilities in mind, and so, offers a system of training that is inter-related and continuous. All coursework across studio locations is identical, so students are able to move between studio locations and have an uninterrupted course of study.
  • Our program can issue certificates of completion in each course of study. Each year ballet professionals will host level testing and certify completion.
  • When applying to college students will be able to cite a long course of serious study and potentially benefit from scholarships.