Chinese Classical/Folk Dance

Age 3-4 Years

Through simple exercises young students start to learn a new form of expression, forging an interest for dance and environment of positivity. Movement patterns teach students about their own body mechanics and movement coordination. Students begin to familiarize themselves with various rhythmic patterns. Choreography and performance nurture early mind development through the combination of movement and music.



Age 5-6 Years

While learning to practice self expression through movement and music, students begin to practice flexibility and more coordinated movement — paying special attention to the development of arches and feet, placement of arms, strengthening the lower body, correcting and maintaining proper posture. Through the study of structural exercises, students begin to build confidence in the strength, agility and abilities of their growing bodies. Students engage in practices that foster a sense of openness, hard work, and achievement.



Age 7-8 Years

Training is focused on barre work and exercises. Students learn graceful carriage of the body and establish turnout. Increased flexibility training encourages lengthening of the limbs and torso. Patterns and combinations learned in class are more expressive of character. Students bodies continue to gain strength and control. Classes learn the importance of teamwork.


Students begin to comprehend the significance of dance as a form of expression that draws from bodily movement, music, facial expression and inner emotion. Students build the foundation for a strong appreciation for performing arts. This translates to a love for life, a respect for the body, and the importance of how to carry oneself.


Team training prepares students for participation in large group, small group and solo competitions. Through experiencing various performance and competitions students gain comfort and confidence on stage.



Age 9-10 Years

Students train to attain a higher level of flexibility and strength. Classes include barre work, center work and progressions across the floor. Barre work will emphasize changes in tempo and full body coordination. Center work will focus on the foundation of leaps and turns. Through stricter teaching methods and more challenging coursework, students’ bodies will develop agility and deepen their understanding of personal expression.



Age 11-12 Years

After five years of solid foundational training, students are held to a higher expectation of technical execution. Students are also provided an environment to continue to build upon the expression of full, fluid, artistic movement. Students’ grasp of strength, control, balance, stamina will continue to increase. At this age, training is more focused toward cultivating each student’s expressivity and sense of movement. Equipped with developed technical skills and flexibility, students are able to perform more lively and expressive choreography.



Age 13-17 Years

Students are trained to achieve professionalism in movement training, company engagement and carriage both in and outside of the studio. Students learn advanced technical skills and

systematic progressions through class. This level of education will provide students with an environment that leads to great improvement and growth. Students learn to communicate with their bodies like a dance artist, to move themselves and captivate audiences!


Students who study dance from a young age learn to understand the importance of perseverance, hard work and willpower. While this wisdom is gained over the course of many years of training, the life lessons and respect that students develop is irreplaceable!



Students seeking additional training may also enroll in private or semi-private lessons. Contact for scheduling and rates.