Angel Performing Arts, Inc. (Angel Dance) is the premier Chinese dance school and dance performance company in Massachusetts. Whether you are looking for recreational classes or chances to compete in international competitions, we welcome you to join us! Angel Dance has provided dance and music curriculums for children, teens, and adults in the Greater Boston Area since 2004. We pride ourselves in fostering an environment of professionalism, respect and love for art through our classes and performance training. Our professional instructors are dedicated to their craft as well as sharing their passion with our students. The breadth of our dance program allows our students to fully immerse themselves in the world of dance through ballet, jazz, modern, and Chinese dance training.

We provide:

  • A well-known and comprehensive dance education program that integrates the traditional Chinese dances with classical, ballet, jazz, and, modern dances
  • Annual dance performances and national dance competition opportunities and training
  • Ten (10) experienced teachers and chorographers who deliver best-in-class dance lessons at all levels
  • One of the best quality dance and rehearsal facility conveniently located in the greater Boston area

Angel Dance’s mission and commitment is providing an environment for our students to achieve the highest artistic potential through our programs that include dance education, dance company, adult dance troupe, music theatre, and, rhythmic gymnastics.

From Our Dancers