Volunteer Award

Each year a number of our Angel Dance Company members are awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). This prestigious award has proved to be a great asset to our members — not only as an official recognition of their diligent work, but, more importantly, as a testament to the difference they are able to make in their community. Our dancers are capable of whatever they put their mind to, whether that’s being a teaching assistant in the studio, teaching language at Chinese school, community performances and anything else that has a meaningful impact on others. We are proud of our company members for remembering to think of others first and to share the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their mentors.

Angel Dance Company is a proud official certifying organization for the PVSA. Our service records are awarded for every calendar year. Students apply to the following award denominations according to their hours of service accrued in one year.

Bronze Award
Kids (age 5-10) : 26-49 hours
Teens (age 11-15): 50-74 hours
Young Adults (age 16-25): 100-174 hours
Adults (age 26+): 100-249 hours

Silver Award
Kids (age 5-10): 50-74 hours
Teens (age 11-15): 75-99 hours
Young Adults (age 16-25): 175-249 hours
Adults (age 26+): 25-499 hours

Gold Award
Kids (age 5-10): 75+ hours
Teens (age 11-15): 100+hours
Young Adults (age 16-25): 250+ hours
Adults (age 26+): 500+ hours