Arts and Culture After School

小精英是天使舞蹈(Angel Dance)和葡萄园艺术坊(Vineyard Artists) 延伸发展的课后班多元文化教育项目,旨在为华人社区和孩子们提供一个高质量的艺术文化平台。



地址:121 middlesex turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803

Art Celebration

Happy Art Hour

Music Appreciation

Music Theory



Lego class: Your child is capable of great things. These STEM-focused enrichment programs are designed with concepts in engineering, mechanics, robotics, architecture, and programming for developing critical competencies through playing and hands-on construction using LEGO® and Minecraft® Education method.

Chess class: Chess playing develops analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills that can be applied to real life situations. Chess playing encourages children not only to focus and to plan, but also to persevere through challenges and to build self-confidence. Chess playing also enables a child to gain insights into the nature of competition that will help them in any competitive endeavor in higher education, or professional work later in life. Weekday and weekend classes for all ages from 3 to 16.

Math Class (Ages 4 – 6): This class is for Kindergarten and 1st grade students who will learn to solve math puzzles, as well as some math problems for this grade level from the popular math competition such as Math Kangaroo.

Math Class (Ages 7 – 9): This class is mainly for students in grades 2 – 4, but younger, or older students are also welcome. In the class, students practice and prepare for two very popular math competitions: Math Olympiad E and Math Kangaroo. Students will work on actual math problems from the competitions. Teacher will teach formulas and theories relating to those problems.