“Dance has been a part of my life ever since I attended my first class at Angel Dance. Dancing has helped me build up my self-confidence on stage and I’m really grateful for all the teachers at Angel Dance who taught and helped me.”


“Whenever I dance I feel the most like myself, the most free, and the most happy.”


“I learned to dance very beautiful and elegant Chinese dances from the best teachers. Most importantly, I found a community in Angel Performing Arts that I truly felt at home in.”


“I love to dance because I feel happy and free when I dance. Dance has taught me to be a better self and to do things I love. All the teachers at Angel dance are amazing and I thank them for helping me become a better dancer. “


“Thanks to my teachers of Angel Dance, I not only learned solid dance techniques, improved flexibility and strength , but I also grew from a shy little girl to a confident dancer. And I believe confident girls will grow into stronger women in the future.”


“I loved dancing and performing on stage. Although I was not naturally flexible, the challenges from teachers in each dance class make me improve little by little. One of the most important lessons that I learned from dancing is that dream comes true through hard work and persistence.”


“At angel dance there are many different types of dances you can choose from: ballet, Chinese folk dances, jazz, and ETC.I love Angel Dance and love all the teachers who tought me how to dance and to be a beautiful dancer.”


“I like Angel Dance. There are so many nice and beautiful teachers and the school is not only teaches dance but also gives us a wonderful time.”


“Dance not only allowed me to be closer to my identity as an asian but also form bonds with many other talented dancers. I continuously grow as I learn from my peers and pursue my passion.”