Angel Elite Academy – Chinese Enrichment Program

A Chinese proverb says “A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.” At Angel Elite Academy, we focus on every single step to build up our quality educational programs. During the past decade, we’ve made Angel Performing Arts program and helped hundreds students, especially girls realize their dancing dreams. Now we would like our angels to grow a pair of balanced wings on the academic side.

Angel Elite Academy Chinese enrichment program provides a Chinese immersion language learning environment for young children from age of 5. Students will learn not only a foreign language but also other subjects in the same language. It nurtures a student’s second language skill, builds respect and positive attitudes toward people who speak the foreign language and their cultures. Research shows children who start a language immersion program at early age generally perform as well or better on standardized tests than children in the non-immersion program over a long term. 

We cultivate confidence, responsibility and creativity by instilling love and real life experience in our classes. We focus on:

  • Building Chinese immersion learning environment
  • Developing STEM skills for girls at young age, and
  • Making arts & crafts integrated with real life skills

Classes we offer in Chinese Mandarin include: Chinese language arts, theater performance, science, math, computer, crafts & life skills, Chinese chess and sports activities like Ping-Pong and badminton. Please check our posters below for 2017-2018 enrollment, teachers and tuition information. Feel free to contact Angel Elite Academy by using the contact form at the bottom or write to

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