XiaoWan Yan

xiaowanyanChoreographer and Teacher
Miss Xiaowan Yan is a choreographer and teacher with over five years of professional performance and teaching experience. In 2014, Yan tested into the world renowned Alvin Ailey School where she is finishing a three-year program with professional training in ballet, modern, choreography, Horton technique, Dunham technique, jazz, pilates, health and nutrition, and music.

Miss Yan graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy with a degree in Chinese Classical Dance Performance. During the years 2009 to 2011 she won the first place scholarship for the academy. In the 10th Taoli Cup she placed third in Division A for her personal program and has performed leading roles in many of China’s classical dance dramas including Yang Guifei and Red. In addition to her performance experience, Yan also has professional education in Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, modern, contemporary, choreography, teaching methodology, cultural and psychological education. Yan has been teaching for Angel Performing Arts since 2014 and is loved by all her students and their parents!