Ke Ke

Founder, Artistic Director, and, Lead Choreographer

ke-keMs. Ke Ke is the founder, lead choreographer, and principal instructor at Angel Performing Arts, Inc. (Angel Dance) and Angel Dance Company (ADC).  Ms. Ke Ke’s dance career began at age 6 in Beijing, China.  In 1998, she joined the Beijing Dance Academy and quickly became a well-recognized figure in the Chinese national dance circuit and was acclaimed for her roles in several national dance productions.  While maintaining an active dancing schedule, Ms. Ke Ke also taught at Central China Television (CCTV) station, where she developed a reputation as the dance instructor for some of China’s best-known film and TV actors.

keke-2Ms. Ke Ke’s successful career brought her to the United States in 2001.  She first taught for several dance companies in greater Chicago.  In late 2001, she formed Angel Performing Arts in order to deliver traditional and authentic Chinese dance program as performing arts.    In 2004, Ms. Ke Ke and Angel Dance relocated to Boston.  Ms. Ke Ke and Angel Dance have been well-recognized ever since as the leading choreographer and most established Chinese dance school, respectively, throughout New England.  She has choreographed and directed more than sixty outstanding dance performances and routines, including “In the Depth of Bamboos”, “Plum in Snow”, “Lily in the Wind” and “Dancing Youth”. With a firm belief and vision to integrate the traditional Chinese dance into mainstream dances in the US, Ms. Ke Ke has reached out and cultivated extensive relationships with her American counterparts and has been widely recognized in her profession and acclaimed by the dance communities in the region.